Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is simple:

To maximise investment returns in a tax efficient manner within a level of investment risk that a client is prepared to take. We adopt a balanced and diversified approach when establishing an investment portfolio, incorporating capital protected investments where appropriate to individual circumstances and within an agreed time horizon. Investments in whatever form (investment portfolio, pension portfolio or trust portfolio) are a crucial part of most of our clients’ financial plans. We are acutely aware that our advice is very important and we do not take this task lightly.

One of our key roles in assisting clients is helping them plan what level of risk they can afford to take and what type of risk they need to take – two very different things. Risk relates to both the capital invested and to the expected return.  We always tailor our advice to each and every client on a personalised basis having firstly established the appropriate level and type of risk. Once we have mutually agreed on a strategy and established the levels of income or growth that are required we then build a portfolio designed to meet our clients needs.

Maximising tax efficiency is vital, whether it be income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax. We work with your other advisers including your Accountant and Solicitor to help us build a the most tax efficient solution possible to utilise the tax reliefs that are available.

We do not advocate regularly disinvesting then reinvesting to try and ‘time the markets’ since this is a dangerous strategy to adopt. As the saying goes, “It is time in the market, not timing the market” that is important.

Finally, it is all too easy to overcomplicate matters and this is something we strive to avoid. Keeping matters as simple as possible is something our clients value.

(Some aspects of tax planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority)